Monday, January 15, 2007


yes, we still do exist. but only just, mind. school,and the other tribulations of paying mr. taxman keep us from doing what we really should be doing at a rate which we like. still, having said that theres yet more top notch split 7" action in the pipleine, details of which are being battered out as this is being typed, and will be posted up on here as soon as its all finalised. AND, one of us is product managing (ahem, cough, splutter, etc, etc) the release of a 2xcd set of field recordings from tibet. this shit is so special we cant get over how excited we are to be even remotely involed with it all. details will be finalised at a meeting on thursday, and posted on here soon after. in the meantime, may we suggest you look at this:

oh, and happy birthday to dave argent and jon richards.


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