Saturday, March 11, 2006

...distro action...

HEY COLOSSUS / THE PHIL COLLINS 3 - split - 7" - £3
hc upped the sludge on this un, clockin in with nigh on six minutes of sloth metal that has, on occassion, pissed our neighbours off somewhat. brighton's pc3 fit in 3 tracks of their trademark start-stop bonkersnessnessness, with 'fartbeat' being a particular favourite round our neck of the woods. the copies we have are apart of the first hundred copies that come with extra art by chris phillips. on victory garden.

THE KILLING SPREE - s/t- 7" - £3
how mindfuckingly good was this northern irish lot? was very lucky to catch them at the windmill awhile ago and they were amazing. loud, action packed oxxxxxxxxxessssss type shenanigans, without the oxxxxxxxxxxxessssssssssss type bullshit by three of the nicest people you'd meet. on rimbaud.

LAST OF THE REAL HARD MEN - s/t - 10" - £6
lord christophe goes mellow. acoustic guitar action akin to all the finger pickin giants you could care to name drop. it includes a john fahey cover, which means it will sit rather comfortably with the copy of 'i am the resurrection' that you should have bought. these are lathe-cuts and rest assured, we havent played them. on lone hand.

PNAK - les petits pouics dans le fond - 12" - £6
genius broken electrionics by two french dudes living in the uk. think voice crack and biosphere doing a horror soundtrack. theres only 100 of these and they all come with killer individual sleeves, which has made choosing my copy most difficult indeed. self-released.

Midium presents COALESANCE - 12" - £6
killer comp action from killer nz label. features NO FUNERAL (punked up postrock), JAKOB (mellow postrock), AVOTOR (errie as industrial type spacerock craziness), KAHU (droned out song), and METERMAN(indie rock). all of it is really rather very good. on midium.

all prices include p+p within the uk. email us (theoryofnowt[@]gmail[.]com) if you live elsewhere.

wed like to be stocking more stuff too. please get in touch if you have owt.


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