Sunday, May 14, 2006

...fuck the world cup and fuck big brother...

nationalistic tribalism and staring at people staring at each other are such a large pile of toss that its impossible to figure out how large a pile of toss they both actuallly are. buy our records instead. thats a far better waste of your time.

good news, kiddos! after a slight hiccup at the printers, the sleeves for the billy mahonie & the jesus years are now looking the way they should do and are awaiting construction. the jesus years are playing in hull on wednesday night and if business post do what they say they'll do, you'll be able to get one at the show. and you really should go if you're in that neck of the woods.

forte distribution are sending these rather delicious pieces of vinyl to shops this week, so hassle your local bods that think they are too cool. on the off chance that anyone in america is reading this, you can pick one of these up via revolver.

we also got the remaining hey colossus v. lords sleeves done. told you we'd do it. hey colossus have a bunch of shows soon and they will have copies with them. go see them and excercise the power of your disposable income.

after much contemplation, we have decided we lied on our mailout. the two 7"s will be available from us to mail order. email us for details.

do your record players a favour and get the new parts and labour lp too. its fantastic.


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