Monday, January 15, 2007


yes, we still do exist. but only just, mind. school,and the other tribulations of paying mr. taxman keep us from doing what we really should be doing at a rate which we like. still, having said that theres yet more top notch split 7" action in the pipleine, details of which are being battered out as this is being typed, and will be posted up on here as soon as its all finalised. AND, one of us is product managing (ahem, cough, splutter, etc, etc) the release of a 2xcd set of field recordings from tibet. this shit is so special we cant get over how excited we are to be even remotely involed with it all. details will be finalised at a meeting on thursday, and posted on here soon after. in the meantime, may we suggest you look at this:

oh, and happy birthday to dave argent and jon richards.

Friday, September 01, 2006

...the jesus years r.i.p...

this just in from derby hq:

The Jesus Years R.I.P

You may have heard via the rumour mill already but we thought we should put something up about this. So here we go… just about 5 years after we were first contacted by the velvet-like voice in the sky, we’ve decided to bring this shindig to a close. There’s no big story, no massive punch up, no members leaving to join Slash's Snakepit – we’ve just ran our course and we feel that now is the best time to lay it to rest before it gets stale. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people along the way, and word goes out to you all – if you’re one of these people then you’ll know who you are. Special mentions should go out to Ben, Luke & Bestie at the audacious art experiment and Manj & Al at theory of nothing. You boys are proper legends.

There’ll probably be a couple of new projects happening at some point or another and as soon as there’s anything to tell we’ll put it up here.

We still have two more shows that we’re going to do before we leave it behind for good and we would really appreciate it if anyone could make it down to them. They are:

Sep 19th 2006 at The Five Lamps, Derby w/ The Take & Calcutecs.
Dec 31st 2006 at The Victoria Inn, Derby w/ The Little Explorer and Fine Before You Came.

Thanks to anyone who has ever hurled abuse at us, hurled a blow up sheep at us, let us sleep on your floor, slept on a wet towel so Oli could have your bed, been sick on the wheel of a van, not shouted at us for breaking the flush on your toilet, taken part in a good fry up, shared a bottle of cheap cider with us, shared a hot cob with us, took the piss out of us, let us take the piss out of you, cleaned up our excrement, sorted us out with a show, bought one of our records, came to one of our gigs or given us money to buy fags.

We’re gutted.
Love you all.

We are the jesus years…
Jim, Draper, Oli, Beal.

we truely love them boys and are very grateful that we were lucky enough to see them a couple of times, had the pleasure of haveing them over for an evening, and more importantly were the cause of committing one of their pieces of music onto vinyl.

having said that we are about to bombard them with emails in the hope that they dont actually spilt up. we sugggest you do the same.

the fuckers.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

heres what a couple of people have had to say about the bm and jy 7".
many thanks to you listening and writing types:

  • diskant
  • drowned in sound
  • sounds xp
  • Saturday, June 17, 2006


    we will be at the launch of the vision and the riddle 12" and the jesus licks 7" hosted by the bods over at its at the boogaloo bar at 312 archway road, nearest tube is at highgate. its free to get into too, some come on down and get drunk. we will.

    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    ...fuck the world cup and fuck big brother...

    nationalistic tribalism and staring at people staring at each other are such a large pile of toss that its impossible to figure out how large a pile of toss they both actuallly are. buy our records instead. thats a far better waste of your time.

    good news, kiddos! after a slight hiccup at the printers, the sleeves for the billy mahonie & the jesus years are now looking the way they should do and are awaiting construction. the jesus years are playing in hull on wednesday night and if business post do what they say they'll do, you'll be able to get one at the show. and you really should go if you're in that neck of the woods.

    forte distribution are sending these rather delicious pieces of vinyl to shops this week, so hassle your local bods that think they are too cool. on the off chance that anyone in america is reading this, you can pick one of these up via revolver.

    we also got the remaining hey colossus v. lords sleeves done. told you we'd do it. hey colossus have a bunch of shows soon and they will have copies with them. go see them and excercise the power of your disposable income.

    after much contemplation, we have decided we lied on our mailout. the two 7"s will be available from us to mail order. email us for details.

    do your record players a favour and get the new parts and labour lp too. its fantastic.

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    ...ITS HERE!!...

    the billy mahonie and the jesus years 7" is finally ready for your mits. if youre near a shop, get them to get it via or mail order form
    its fucking ace. honest.

    Saturday, March 11, 2006

    ...distro action...

    HEY COLOSSUS / THE PHIL COLLINS 3 - split - 7" - £3
    hc upped the sludge on this un, clockin in with nigh on six minutes of sloth metal that has, on occassion, pissed our neighbours off somewhat. brighton's pc3 fit in 3 tracks of their trademark start-stop bonkersnessnessness, with 'fartbeat' being a particular favourite round our neck of the woods. the copies we have are apart of the first hundred copies that come with extra art by chris phillips. on victory garden.

    THE KILLING SPREE - s/t- 7" - £3
    how mindfuckingly good was this northern irish lot? was very lucky to catch them at the windmill awhile ago and they were amazing. loud, action packed oxxxxxxxxxessssss type shenanigans, without the oxxxxxxxxxxxessssssssssss type bullshit by three of the nicest people you'd meet. on rimbaud.

    LAST OF THE REAL HARD MEN - s/t - 10" - £6
    lord christophe goes mellow. acoustic guitar action akin to all the finger pickin giants you could care to name drop. it includes a john fahey cover, which means it will sit rather comfortably with the copy of 'i am the resurrection' that you should have bought. these are lathe-cuts and rest assured, we havent played them. on lone hand.

    PNAK - les petits pouics dans le fond - 12" - £6
    genius broken electrionics by two french dudes living in the uk. think voice crack and biosphere doing a horror soundtrack. theres only 100 of these and they all come with killer individual sleeves, which has made choosing my copy most difficult indeed. self-released.

    Midium presents COALESANCE - 12" - £6
    killer comp action from killer nz label. features NO FUNERAL (punked up postrock), JAKOB (mellow postrock), AVOTOR (errie as industrial type spacerock craziness), KAHU (droned out song), and METERMAN(indie rock). all of it is really rather very good. on midium.

    all prices include p+p within the uk. email us (theoryofnowt[@]gmail[.]com) if you live elsewhere.

    wed like to be stocking more stuff too. please get in touch if you have owt.