Friday, September 01, 2006

...the jesus years r.i.p...

this just in from derby hq:

The Jesus Years R.I.P

You may have heard via the rumour mill already but we thought we should put something up about this. So here we go… just about 5 years after we were first contacted by the velvet-like voice in the sky, we’ve decided to bring this shindig to a close. There’s no big story, no massive punch up, no members leaving to join Slash's Snakepit – we’ve just ran our course and we feel that now is the best time to lay it to rest before it gets stale. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people along the way, and word goes out to you all – if you’re one of these people then you’ll know who you are. Special mentions should go out to Ben, Luke & Bestie at the audacious art experiment and Manj & Al at theory of nothing. You boys are proper legends.

There’ll probably be a couple of new projects happening at some point or another and as soon as there’s anything to tell we’ll put it up here.

We still have two more shows that we’re going to do before we leave it behind for good and we would really appreciate it if anyone could make it down to them. They are:

Sep 19th 2006 at The Five Lamps, Derby w/ The Take & Calcutecs.
Dec 31st 2006 at The Victoria Inn, Derby w/ The Little Explorer and Fine Before You Came.

Thanks to anyone who has ever hurled abuse at us, hurled a blow up sheep at us, let us sleep on your floor, slept on a wet towel so Oli could have your bed, been sick on the wheel of a van, not shouted at us for breaking the flush on your toilet, taken part in a good fry up, shared a bottle of cheap cider with us, shared a hot cob with us, took the piss out of us, let us take the piss out of you, cleaned up our excrement, sorted us out with a show, bought one of our records, came to one of our gigs or given us money to buy fags.

We’re gutted.
Love you all.

We are the jesus years…
Jim, Draper, Oli, Beal.

we truely love them boys and are very grateful that we were lucky enough to see them a couple of times, had the pleasure of haveing them over for an evening, and more importantly were the cause of committing one of their pieces of music onto vinyl.

having said that we are about to bombard them with emails in the hope that they dont actually spilt up. we sugggest you do the same.

the fuckers.


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